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GeForce 320.18 WHQL driver is flawed

Albeit Keplar cards have no trouble with the recently released driver, the GeForce 320.18 WHQL driver seems to be causing serious problems for most compatible GeForce cards.


Screenshot of Trine 2 with the GeForce 320.18 driver (according to one user in the GeForce forums)

Recently, Nvidia released a widely compatible WHQL driver which is supposed to boost the performance of Metro Last Light by 10% and improve stability on newly released titles like Call of Juarez: Gunslinger and GRID 2. But apparently, the drivers caused more harm than good.


Not to say harm as in damaging the video card internally, but harm as in the annoying kind of harm. People from various forums and websites like GeForce forums, Fudzilla, and Guru3D have been complaining about freezing mouse pointers, hanging, and weird colors in games (just like the screenshot above.)

It appears that the problem doesn't occur on Keplar based cards like the GeForce 600 series and the Titan. Let alone this is the first driver for GeForce GTX 780.


And now for my experience with the latter driver.

I took this driver for a spin few days ago. I'd even perform a clean install, using tools such as Driver Sweeper and CCleaner. After installing, it was a frustrating experience. I literally thought my GTX 460 was dying. Have been seeing freezing here and there. Also, my mouse pointer hanged for a healthy number of times even in one instance. At one point, the mouse pointer appeared to look funny; it looked 16-bit; its color is yellow with a bit of red. Whatever the flaw is, the GeForce 320.18 was actually detrimental to even some simple computing. Luckily I wasn't the only one with the problem. In fact, a lot apparently complained about it. On the bright side though, it did boost Metro Last Light by some tiny amount of FPS. So in the end, I reverted back to 314.22 and never look back.


This is very rare of Nvidia. Because it's usually AMD who make shoddy drivers. (And they still do - frequently)

Until Nvidia released another WHQL driver that may work well, do not update the driver for the time being. (314.22 is the best for now)

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